Our first store location was originally established in 1978, in the nearby village of Tularosa. Since then it has grown with the local community to provide the highest quality equipment with the best warranties in the industry, with qualified, trained technicians completing all of our installations. We have 40 years as an established business in Alamogordo, New Mexico and we look forward to many years more providing local residents with pure, clean & delicious water from our store or in your home or business!
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Trust your water quality to High Desert Water, Inc! Rely on us for the best in water softening, conditioning, and filtration. We also offer reverse osmosis systems and alkaline-anti-oxidant filters; with qualified technicians completing each and every install. Many of Our customers have updated their water softeners with our state-of-the-art ultra efficient technology - designed to minimize water softener salt consumption, and water used during the softener regeneration process. Softeners that were built and installed before the year 2000 are often found to be out of date and inefficient when compared to the systems we offer.

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